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luan luong Awesome vid dude! Keep it up! 

Skullz Very very nice.

Max de Koning I got the i7 procsessor

How To Fix a Laptop

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Hey guys, new YouTube channel, make sure to like and comment if you know what any of the laptop parts are. I will do more videos later on. Let me get 100 views? © Brian Transeau BT Laptop Symphony Epis…

LeUberTroll good to hear some old school Madeon, and some Strobe... makes me happy

Ethan Hollien O_o this music is foreva loved by me.

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Why should you upgrade your Computer with LG Blue-Ray Drive and Adata Memory 8GB and Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Network adapter PCI Express Half Mini Car…

Examplemodel: Acer Aspire 5670 is one of the biggest laptop spare parts distributor in Germany. We have more than 600.000 spar…

sparepartworld When you have a newer laptop which cost 1500 or 2000 USD, it's cheaper to replace it as buy a new brand new laptop. When you have a very old laptop which is 3-4 years old it wouldn't be profitable. So it depends.

sparepartworld Buy or order a used display and replace it by yourself. But in this way there is no garanty... so think about it if you want risking.

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