UCL (University College London) Computer Science – Robotics 2013 | Robustness & Prize Giving

Ignore the terrible commentary…

(A never seen before track to test the robustness of the robot’s algorithms)


Monster HAF X Build/ Computer Parts

Steve runs down the list of a few computers for the Monster HAF X computer build. Shout out to Dorks Computers for letting me use their store for the build. Another shout out to Joe for the awesome case. Thanks bro. Final shout out to my dad for letting me borrow his Canon 7D for filming.


Weekend Programs – Computer Science for Kids

Kids from 8 to 16 years can learn Computer Science through Scratch, MIT App Inventor and Raspberry PI at MyPal’s Blended Learning Centers in Gachibowli and Begumpet, Hyderabad


Fire from computer parts with the Driveway Primitive

Trashed technology can be repurposed for primitive survival. In this video, I use a computer hard drive component to make friction fire. Drivewayprimitive.blogspot.com


PCD project_Code Name(Thief Hunter)_2nd Year Computer Science Engineering (ENSI Tunisia)

Code Name : Thief Hunter
By : Fahmi Ghediri – Souhail Degachi – Fahd Youssef
is a project designed and implemented by three tunisian students in computer Science engineering ( ENSI Tunisia ).
It’s mainly an anti-theft solution for laptops by geolocating thieves, but includes also the possibilities to secure personal data and collect as much informations as possible from the stolen machine.
The idea was proposed for the first time in Tunisia by Fahmi Ghediri
This program still needs improvments
suggestions are welcome, just send an email to fahmi.gh@gmail.com

Greets !! 🙂


Episode 1 – 386 computer parts review

Hello and happy New Year!
Before I build my 386 I will make a short review of the selected components:

AMD 386 DX-33 MHz
Trident TVGA8900 ISA 512KB
8×1 8MB 30 pin SIMM RAM memory
Conner CFA170A 170MB hard drive

All datasheets are available here:

Thank you for watching and if you like what I’m doing, you can help me by commenting, subscribing, liking or disliking. Even bad feedback can help me to improve my videos.


UAlbany Academics In Focus: Computer Science

UAlbany’s Department of Computer Science provides students with a strong foundation in software development and advanced use of technology. The Department, one of the major components of the College of Computing and Information, prepares students for careers in a broad range of information technology opportunities. Classes, like Social Robotics, provide students with vast knowledge and skills, and showcase the diverse opportunities available to them in this field.


The AliExpress Sniper Elite 4 GAMING PC – 1080p High for Under $500

Here is a PC that was supposed to be February’s PC of the month for you guys, but I got caught up with testing other parts that I couldn’t get it done in time, though here it is and using the 3 main components from Aliexpress I was surprised that the PC performs really well, though the value for money isn’t the best in the used price performance, it is still very good and the PC plays really nicely for 1080p high gaming, even with the latest titles.

Links (international)-
x3470 – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/fIEEuB6
H55a+ – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/7auBU3v
4GB (need two, can get cheaper now) – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/EE62bme

US Parts for New –
RX470 – http://amzn.to/2ngK7FF
PSU – http://amzn.to/2nh0odq
HDD – http://amzn.to/2ngVixZ
Budget Case (Can’t find the one I got, get this one instead) – http://amzn.to/2n1C5Er
Cooler – http://amzn.to/2ngF87F

Aus Parts-
Get them here at www.umart.com.au
or www.msy.com.au

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